Convened annually by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece in cooperation with Symeon G. Tsomokos (SGT) S.A., Thessaloniki Summit is decisively evolving into an institution establishing the Macedonian metropolis as a pivotal hub of constructive public dialogue on all economic, political and social current affairs concerning the region of Northern Greece, the Balkans, Europe and the world. Case in point, Thessaloniki Summit 2017 featured more than 130 speakers and was attended by more than 630 participants, from Greece and abroad.

This year’s Summit will be focusing on issues, such as: regional cooperation in the context of European integration; geopolitical developments associated with Russia, Turkey and the Western Balkans; macroeconomic developments, Greek debt and inclusive growth; connectivity and infrastructure; and regional energy security. Additionally, the second day of the Summit will feature a series of roundtable discussions focusing on the banking sector, industry, investment prospects, innovation and technology transfer, as well as a presentation of a most recent relevant study carried out by diaNEOsis think tank.

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