Folias Christos

CEO “FOLIAS & ASSOCIATES”, Ex Minister of Development

Folias Christos

CEO “FOLIAS & ASSOCIATES”, Ex Minister of Development


Christos Folias was born in Thessaloniki (1951).

He studied Economics (BA Economics) at the American University of Beirut (1975).

He is married to Tula Vagianou and has three children.



* Member of the European Parliament with Nea Dimokratia (1999-2004)

* Member of the Greek Parliament with Nea Democratia and Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance (2004-2007)

* Minister of Development, responsible for Energy, Industry, Trade, Consumers, Research and Technology (2007-2009)



Most of his life he has been involved in business.

He is a cofounder of “GOODY’S” chain of Hamburger Restaurants.

He is the Managing Director of “FOLIAS S.A. DAIRY INDUSTRY-EXPORTS” and the C.E.O. of “FOLIAS & ASSOCIATES”.



* President of the “National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce” (1997-2003),

* Vice President of the European Confederation of Trade «EuroCommerce» (1999-2004),

* Co-President of SME Union of the European People’s Party (2003-2005),

* Member of the European Economic and Social Committee (1994-1999),

* Member of the Executive Board of the Foundation “Robert Schuman” (1999-2004),

* Member of the executive committee of the Institute for Democracy “Constantinos Karamanlis” (1997-2003),

* The President of the “Arab-Hellenic Chamber for Commerce and Development” (2010-2012),

* The Vice-President of the “Hellenic-Australian Business Council”.