Pangalos Theodoros

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Greece

Pangalos Theodoros

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Greece


Former Deputy Prime Minister of Greece

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Transportation & Communication, Culture

Former Member of the Greek Parliament

He was born in Eleusis on August 17, 1938.

He studied Law at the University of Athens and also Finance & Economics (Dr. of Economic Sciences) at the University of Paris I (Pantheon Sorbonne) after a scholarship obtained by the French Government.

From 1969 until 1978 he worked at Sorbonne as a Commissioned Teacher and a researcher in economic development, planning as well as regional planning issues. He was also the Director of the Economic Development Institute of the University of Sorbonne. In 1981 he was elected for the first time MP for PASOK, an office which he holds until today.

He was the Deputy Minister of Commerce (1982), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Community Affairs (1984), and Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs (1985-1989). In October 1993, he was swan again in an Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs. In July 1994 he was appointed as the Minister for Transportation and Communications. In January 1996 he was swan as the Minister for Foreign Affairs, exercising his duties until February1999. In April 2000 he was nominated as the Minister for Culture remaining in office until November 2000.

In June 2003, he was appointed PASOK’s spokesman in the Council of Foreign Policy. In November 2004 he was appointed PASOK campaign coordinator. He was Re-elected as a member of PASOK’s Political Council and was appointed head of the Department for Development, Competitiveness and Consumer affairs. He then undertook the responsibility for the Sector of Local Government, Public Administration and Justice, while today he heads the sensitive Department for Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense.

Since the 2009 elections until 2012 he was appointed as the Vice President of the Hellenic Government (Deputy Prime Minister).

He is the author of numerous articles and several books among which distinguish the following: “Globalization and the Left” (2001), “Ephemeral Prophets – Deadlock of neoliberalism and social movements in the era of globalization” (2005), Europe at a crossroad” (2005), “Greece in the European Community” (1988), “We spent that money of us all together” (2012), “Intervention in Policy” (2014).

Theodoros Pangalos has handled a significant number of internal and foreign issues of the Hellenic Republic. The major topics he has worked on as a member of the Parliament or Government are:

  • Insurance Market Streamlining (1982)
  • Eurozone structuring
  • Commercial Union with Turkey, Norway and Russia
  • General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
  • Negotiation for the accession of Greece to European Union
  • Accession of Cyprus to the European Union
  • Hellenic Presidency of the European Council (1988 & 1994)
  • Formation of the financial supporting mechanism of the European Union (2011)

Among his interests are European Union issues, energy, environment and resources, electronic governance and open data, geopolitical topics, international economics and globalization, public debt crisis management, euro zone crisis, European diplomacy, Europe and Asia commercial relations and others.

Today Theodoros Pangalos works as an expert and visiting professor giving lectures at Universities and deals with entrepreneurship and the private sector.

He is married to Christina Christofaki and father of five children.

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